sedamo API start page

The sedamo API enables you to retrieve the postal address corresponding to a valid sedamo address code1) in both native writing and in Romanisation, and to get the personal data linked with an e-mail address2)

The sedamo API 2.0 is in beta state.
Please report errors.

More functions will follow, see below.

Using the sedamo API is for free for personal use, testing, and minor commercial use.

For commercial use, please refer to pricing chart.

The rules as given on the page “Imprint, Legal Note and Privacy Policy” at http://sedamo.info apply. ☛ You must consider that only peaceful use is permitted. ☚ Please ask us when you are in doubt. Accounts can be permanently blocked if these rules are violated.

sedamo API registration

Upcoming functionality

  • Limiting access to specific IP addresses
  • 2nd factor log-in
analogous to the use of http://sedamo.info
analogous to the use of http://www.email2address.com