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 +====== Legal Notice ======
 +===== Company =====
 +  * Company name: DAIBOLA Trade Ltd
 +  * Registered office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom
 +  * Company number: 6662944, registered in England and Wales
 +  * sedamo: [[http://​sedamo.info/​BUMDYDJF|BU-MD-YD-JF]]
 +  * Website: ​ www.daibola.biz
 +  * E-Mail: <​info@daibola.biz>​
 +===== Copyright Notice =====
 +The contents and design of these web pages are protected by copyright. Copyright © by DAIBOLA Trade Ltd. Images showing a human figure made by computer rendering are copyright © by fotolia/​AKS. The images showing a fire fighter are copyright © by fotolia/​Jaimie Duplass. The images showing an ambulance man and an unconscious person are copyright © by fotolia/​Volker Witt. The images showing a female OP doctor are copyright © by fotolia/Dan Race. The images showing an Asian businessman are copyright © by fotolia/​imtmphoto. The images showing a female smiling medical doctor are copyright © by fotolia/​Yuri Arcurs. The images showing a family (father, mother, baby) are using a photo from Pixabay.com,​ user PublicDomainPictures. ​