Using sedamo for Navigation

sedamo can be used in any navigation system, manufacturer-independent!

  1. On your smartphone, enter the address code of the place where you want to go, the displayed Turing number, and hit “Get the address”.
    (Naturally, this sedamo address code has to be the code of a place, not a P.O. box or the like.)
  2. The next page shows the address in Latin characters (Romanisation) and below that the geo coordinates. Tap on these, and the navigation system will start.
  • See sights @ sedamo for some interesting spots to visit.
  • For your foreign visitors, it is much faster and easier to enter the 8-letters sedamo code than the lengthy street address.
  • Usually, the coordinates provided by sedamo are more precise than the navigation by street address. You can set the geo coordinates or your own address to improve navigation for your visitors.