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 +metatag-keywords=(address service, address, aerogram, airmail, intercultural, international, letter, mail, parcel, sedamo, service d'adresse mondial, transcultural, )
 +metatag-description=(The sedamo code is used for easy exchange of addresses across language and country borders.)
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[en:sedamo:start|English]]
 +  * [[de:sedamo:start|Deutsch]]  
 +The worldwide address service //sedamo// (//service d'adresse mondial//) is used for the exchange of addresses across language and country borders.
 +Each street address, delivery address, P.O. box address etc. is assigned a simple code of 8 letters. 
 +This //sedamo// code stands for the full address in the language and script of the destination country (e.g. in Cyrillic in Russian for Belarus, in Chinese characters for China) without the sender having to know this language. 
 +  * simplest handling of foreign addresses
 +  * fastest possible delivery in the country of destination 
 +  * no returned mail because of incorrect addressing 
 +  * easy deduplication of data sets 
 +  * connection via API
 +  * geo-coordinates for efficiency on the last delivery mile
 +<wrap button>[[sedamo_addressing|Addressing]]</wrap> 
 +<wrap button>[[sedamo_navigation|Navigation]]</wrap> 
 +<wrap button>[[sedamo_api_2.0|API]]</wrap> 
 +→ [[sedamo_navigation|Search, share and find places with sedamo.]]
 +→ [[sedamo_addressing|Address a postal item using a sedamo code.]]
 +→ [[sedamo_api_2.0|Address international addresses to your own database using sedamo codes.]]