The website eMail2address.com “converts” an electronic address (e-mail address) into a postal address (or physical address) using sedamo. This page lists some interesting places and their corresponding e-mail addresses.

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You know that Brussels is the capital of the European Union? And you think that an united Europe is a new idea? Not quite! Europe once was united by the emperor Charlemagne, who was buried at Aachen Cathedral in 814.

Aachen Cathedral, Charlemagne, Holy Roman Empire


At the risk of their lives, the people of Ameland have saved the lives of hundreds of shipwrecked people. The regular “Demonstratie paardenreddingboot” (“Demonstration Horse Rescue Boat”) still reminds us of this today. Visit the Maritime Center “Abraham Fock” to learn more about it.




Right in the heart of communistic People's Republic of China, there is — the largest modern Christian church of Asia!

Chongyi Church



The great detective Sherlock Holmes was hiding at this place. Quite fantastic, as this facade has no rooms behind…

Sherlock Holmes



The White House: home of the most powerful man in the world.

White House



Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the X-rays and saves the lives of tens of thousands of patients every day — even almost 100 years after his death.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, X-ray


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