sedamo and eMail2address.com mass registration

You can link several e-mail addresses with a sedamo code — and hence with a (physical or postal) address by simply uploading a CVS file or spreadsheet file in the format described below:

File format:

  • Comma Separated Values file (.csv)
    • UTF-8 encoding
    • text delimiters:
    • value separators: ,
  • Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods)
  • Excel Spread Sheet (.xls)
    • Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP
  • SQL
  • other formats on request
  • maximum file size: 3 MiByte


  1. sedamo — 8-letter code of the address (mandatory)
  2. email — e-mail address (mandatory)
  3. nameline1 — e.g. hotel name
  4. nameline2 — e.g. department
  5. phone — phone number
  6. mobile — cell phone number
  7. fax — facsimile number
  8. homepageURL of your website
  9. language — ISO 2-code of the local language


  • Only sedamo and email fields are mandatory. All other fields are optional.
  • The first line of the spreadsheet file must contain the field names. (The field order is at your discretion.)
  • The sedamo field may contain a formatted or unformatted code (ABCDEFGH or AB-CD-EF-GH)
  • Phone/mobile/fax numbers have to be in the international format, e.g. +44-7700-900123 or 447700900123 (here: +44- = UK IDD)
  • E-mail addresses must be unique (i.e., two sedamo address codes cannot be assigned to one e-mail address).

Sample files:


  • Use short e-mail addresses, e.g. fra@example.com instead point_of_delivery_frankfurt_am_main@mail.example.com
  • Include the well-known e-mail addresses of contact persons (receptionists etc.), e.g. sabrina.davis@example.com
  • Use A~Z, dot . and @ preferably; avoid underscore _ and minus sign - and numbers, do not use special characters and IDNs1) (negative example: xeno&phobia~2.0@example.中国)
Your contacts
Your sedamo data file


Use ⊙ behind your e-mail address to signal that this electronic address can be used for navigation to your physical address.

⊙ is known as “CIRCLED DOT OPERATOR”, Unicode: U+2299, XML decimal entity: ⊙

In printed publications, such as, name cards, stationary, leaflets:

E-mail: example@sedamo.info ⊙

⊙ = You can use this e-mail address for navigation via http://www.email2address.com/


⊙ = Cette adresse e-mail peut être utilisée pour navigation par http://www.email2address.com/.


⊙ = Diese E-Mail-Adresse kann zur Navigation via http://www.email2address.com/ genutzt werden.


⊙ = Esta dirección de correo electrónico se puede utilizar para la navegación a través de http://www.email2address.com/.

On web-pages:

<a href="mailto:example@sedamo.info">example@sedamo.info</a>
<a href="http://www.email2address.com/example%40sedamo.info" target="_blank">&#8857;</a>