sedamo API 2.0

sedamo is the easiest way to transfer address data to your own IT system:
For every country — In every language — In the correct postal formatting

Instead of many making many words:

New in API 2.0:

  • Extended XML structure: It now includes the geo coordinates of street addresses.
  • JSON: Data can be retrieved as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) as well. Perfect for easy mobile application development.
  • Simple API key: no more TAN!
  • Now with email2address: The (postal) addresses of registered e-mail addresses can also be retrieved.

If you want to try out the new API, please register and get a free account for testing1) and read sedamo API documentation.

With the new API you can create wonderful things like a self-filling form for your customers.

if you cannot wait, please use the API call to create an account