Linking an E-mail Address with an Address Code

eMail2address.com is a convenient way to enable your friends, visitors, and business partners to get your address: By entering your e-mail address, they will get your physical address.

Please make sure that you know the sedamo address code of your address. Then you can use the form below to link your e-mail and your address. Look-up your address code.

Some tips:

  • Use a short e-mail: dus@example.com is better than flagship_store_duesseldorf_germany@example.com
  • Include the registered e-mail address in your business card, stationery, e-mail footer, brochures. Add a short explanation, for example:
    “Use www.sedamo.info to get our address in Chinese”
  • Do not use a “valuable” e-mail address. Because this e-mail address will be used in a number of publications, the address may easily get included in lists used by “spammers”. You can use an e-mail address in the form of sedamo@example.com, e.g. sedamo@daibola.co.uk
  • After registering, you may switch your e-mail address to an unmonitored mailbox.
  • Please enter phone and fax number (both optional) in the international format: +12-345-678900
  • To register several e-mail addresses at once, you can create a spreadsheet file (use email2address_example_sheet.ods as a template) and send it to us by e-mail.

* = mandatory fields

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