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 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[en:​sedamo:​how_to_add_geo_coordinates_to_your_address|English]]
 +  * [[de:​sedamo:​how_to_add_geo_coordinates_to_your_address|Deutsch]]  ​
 +====== How to add Geo Coordinates to Your Address ====== ​
 +When your visitor looks-up your address using the //sedamo// address code, the first dialogue will show your address in Latin characters (Romanisation) and the geo coordinates((often also referred to as “GPS coordinates”)) of your address. A “tap” on these coordinates on a smartphone will usually start the navigation system and guide your visitor to your place. ​
 +However, if these geo coordinates are missing, or incorrect, you can do as follows:
 +  - You need a smartphone with GPS functionality and Internet connection.
 +  - Make sure you have your 8-characters //sedamo// address code at hand. 
 +  - Go in front of your door and open the map software on your smartphone. \\ //Make sure that the correct position is shown.//
 +  - Open the web-page http://​sedamo.info/​geo and check that “Geolocation successful” is shown in green.
 +  - Enter your //sedamo// address code and the Turing number and hit the button “Set Geo Location”
 +  - After a short while, your new geo coordinates will be connected with your address & address code.
 +If you have any questions about //sedamo// or something is not working, [[:​en:​contact|please contact us]].