How to add Geo Coordinates to Your Address

When your visitor looks-up your address using the sedamo address code, the first dialogue will show your address in Latin characters (Romanisation) and the geo coordinates1) of your address. A “tap” on these coordinates on a smartphone will usually start the navigation system and guide your visitor to your place.

However, if these geo coordinates are missing, or incorrect, you can do as follows:

  1. You need a smartphone with GPS functionality and Internet connection.
  2. Make sure you have your 8-letter sedamo address code at hand.
  3. Go in front of your door and open the map/navigation software on your smartphone.
    Make sure that the correct position is shown.
  4. Open the web-page http://sedamo.info/geo and check that “Geolocation successful” is shown in green.
  5. Enter your sedamo address code and the Turing number and hit the button “Set Geo Location”
  6. After a short while, your new geo coordinates will be connected with your address.

If you have any questions about sedamo or something is not working, please contact us.

often also referred to as “GPS coordinates”