Tips and Tricks on Sending International Mail

Nowadays, letters are usually sorted automatically. Follow these instructions to avoid manual processing which will delay delivery considerably:

  • Use a white envelope and black printed text.
    Letters are scanned and automatically sorted. Use black font on a white background with a uniform font size, as done by sedamo.
  • Only write on one side of the envelope. Recipient and sender addresses and stamps should be placed on the same page.
    The background is that both sides are scanned and the computer considers the total darker side for the address side. If the computer does not find any franking there in the second step, the letter is sorted out. In particular, do not put any advertising text on the back of the envelope, otherwise the machine may try to interpret this text as an address.
  • Use a rectangular envelope.
    We recommend a DIN/ISO format such as DIN-DL (110 mm × 220 mm), DIN-C6 (114 mm × 162 mm) or DIN-C4 (229 mm × 324 mm). In particular, square envelopes can be rotated 90° during automatic sorting and can then not be processed.

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