Protect + Care

Spotlight on Safety: The global health protection plan for international business and private travellers. For the best medical help worldwide.

Protect + Care in a Nutshell

Protect + Care is a global health protection plan for international business and private travellers. It allows immediate qualified help without foreign language knowledge in a medical emergency. To achieve this, Protect + Care consists of several elements:

The Elements of Protect + Care

Health Status

How is your current health status? This is the basis for any qualified medical advice. A comprehensive questionnaire will guide you to compile your current status, also considering aspects of Ayurveda (Indian) medicine, Chinese traditional medicine and so on.

Travel Information

Receive important information on your travel destination before you leave: recommended preventive inoculation, cultural habits, current civil situation.


When in need, the DAIBOLA Protect + Care App will send your current position to your emergency contacts. Very helpful if you are in a country where you cannot read the street signs.

SOS Card

This credit card-size photo card contains all relevant medical information for an medical emergency. This multi-lingual card helps any doctor worldwide to provide best medical help.

Translation Services

On your request, we will send an interpreter at your side. So you can be sure your doctor understands you —- and you will understand your doctor.

Travel Document Recovery

Copies of your important travel documents – passport, visa, traveller’s cheques – can be send to your embassy or hotel in case these documents are lost or have been stolen.

Just a few steps to a safe and healthy journey

In a few steps, you can protect your and your family’s health and ensure a safe journey:

  1. Create a web account
    Set-up a web-account for each member of your family, URL: http://www.daibola.co.uk/go/pc/start
  2. Compile your personal medical history
    Get the questionnaire for your medical history at your local bookseller (ISBN 978-0956324030, check the publication data for other language versions). Fill-out the questionnaire and send it back or upload it. Best practice: Ask your GP and your dentist for help.
  3. Get the Protect + Care App (optional)
    Install the Protect + Care App on your Android smartphone.
  4. Create a list of emergency contacts
    In your web-account, please enter the names and contacts of people you want to be informed when you need their help. If you have installed the app, use “Pair me” to link your app to your account.
  5. Use the digital document safe
    Scan your travel documents (such as, the visa page of your passport) and upload it via your web-account.

You will receive your SOS Card and travel information about your planned travel destinations. Please always carry the SOS Card with you!

Using your personal SOS Card, medical doctors can retrieve valuable information about your health for best possible medical treatment. If you have to be hospitalised, your family can be quickly informed.

Travel in good health!

Individuals and Families

Start right here! Create an individual user account for each family member. For a child, please enter a parent as the first ICE contact. So we can see who belongs together.

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Please use the hyper-link handed out by your church or fellowship. This hyper-link includes a reference, so we easily can assign your application to your fellowship. For example, we immediately know the shipping address for your SOS Card.

Fellowships which want to participate in Protect + Care, please contact us directly.

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