Health Insurance for Abroad

You are planning a business trip or a holiday trip to China?

Make sure that your health insurance covers the costs of medical treatment in China as well! Most health insurances are valid only within the UK and the countries of the European union. This means, during a trip in China you are not protected and you will have to pay all medical treatments and medicine by yourself.

If you catch a cold, this is surely no big issue—cough medicine costs less than £ 5 in China. But what happens if suddenly a severe illness occurs, such as a ischaemic stroke or a cardiac infarction (heart attack)? In such cases, you are not transportable and the medical care has to take place in China. By the way, the medical care in China is A+ and frequently better than that in Europe. An accident can lead to an “unwanted” prolongation of your stay in China as well.

Therefore, we highly recommend to sign a health insurance.

Following your needs, you can choose between different components:

If you are a business man who is frequently abroad, but never for a longer period of time, and not only in China, the best choice is Care Travel.

If you plan a longer stay in China, being an expatriate, we recommend Expat Global.

You are expecting visitors from China?

Your Chinese visitors need a health insurance, too, otherwise they won't get a visa!

Your Chinese business partner or friend only wants to stay for a short time in Europe (maximum 3 months), and applies for a “Schengen visa”. Your choice is Care Visa Protect.

A special insurance coverage for independent/self-employed Chinese and their family members, who plan to stay outside of China for a longer time, is Care China Business. This perfectly fits to those who want to start their own business in Europe or who take up a position in a representative office.

And to students from China we recommend Care College.