ChinaBridge Product Matrix

ChinaBridgePRO allows you to search the ChinaBridge database as long and as extensively as you want. When you contact a new foreign company, you can easily look up the complete company data via the sedamo international address code which the company can tell you.

You cannot find the company you’re searching for? Let us search for you! For a one-time fee, we will provide you all company details top up-to-date. ChinaBridgePRO is a free service to all our ChinaBridgeBUSINESS readers.

Please refer to the book to learn how to unleash the full power of ChinaBridgePRO!

ChinaBridgeSYNC enables you to be two steps ahead at any time! Whenever a company profile is updated, you can automatically download these information and update your own customer or supplier database. Your database is always up-to-date, and you do not have to lift a finger! Data export is available as CSV file (for Microsoft® Excel® etc.) for manual download and as UTF-8 XML for full-automatic data exchange with your own business software / database. Please ask for our technical notes.

There are also third-party providers, for example, to automatically update your Microsoft® Outlook® directory using DaiSync, please visit http://www.daisync.com

ChinaBridgeFREE ChinaBridgePRO ChinaBridgeSYNC
short description website access for personal use website access for professional use direct database synchronisation
access limited number of company profiles per day unlimited access unlimited access
permanently updated company data yes yes yes
search for companies by keywords (trilingual) yes yes yes
search by company address code n/a yes yes
export of company data n/a yes, via file download yes, via XML data exchange
additional information on companies n/a yes yes
manual search n/a £ 80 £ 80
price free free for the readers of ChinaBridgeBUSINESS free for the readers of ChinaBridgeBUSINESS

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