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Writing addresses in no time—in foreign languages as well!


From now on, typing any address just takes you 2 seconds—even if it is written in Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, ...

sedamo.bureau directly connects to the huge sedamo database to retrieve the postal address in native writing. Simply enter the receiver's sedamo address code and name in the dialog box, click OK, and sedamo.bureau automatically retrieves the address and prints it on the envelope (DL, C6 or larger) or A6 address label using your standard office printer.

Using sedamo.bureau, you can speed up the mail delivery at a highly effordable price: The printed address is half “international”, half “local”; manual and time-consuming processing at the destination country as with pure Latin addresses is superfluous, and your letter or parcel is transported at the maximum speed—without extra costs!




Order now via e-Mail info@daibola.biz

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