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Find your way—anywhere you are in China

Addresses in two seconds―and in any language!

Printing international waybills made easy

International address input for your on-line shop

Forget the hassle of Chinese business cards, printed faxes and bulky guide books. Simply get out your smartphone, choose the place where you want to go, and show it to the taxi driver! more...

To write any address just needs seconds from now on! Even if it is written in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, or any other language using non-Latin characters. And the best is: You do not have to learn the language by yourself! more...

This software fills-in air waybills of express companies such as DHL, EMS, FedEx, TNT Express for you. Using the sedamo database, it uses the correct Romanisation of any address of the world. more...

Using our address dialog in your web pages, your customer just needs two clicks to enter his address. No returning mail thanks to automatically correct addressing! more...

The services of DAIBOLA

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Get to know your new partners in China

Check your web sites for cross-cultural acceptance

Direct marketing will open up new markets for you in China

i18n = (product) internationalisation

China is the “workbench” of Europe—and still a breath-taking growing market. To co-operate with China is not an option but a must. ChinaBridge helps you to understand the Chinese market, to find new partners and to seek help for a smooth start in China. The ChinaBridge database is the up-to-the-minute and lists ten thousands of relevant Chinese-European companies, associations and authorities! more...

Your web-site has been translated—but can your Internet presence be seen by your target group? We test your ways of communication regarding the compatibility with local habits as well as technical standards. Our report will describe your company as it is seen by the most important people of the world: Your customers! more...

High growth rates and a high-spending middle and upper class—this you can find in the “BRIC” countries Brasilia, Russia, India and China. Gain new customers in these emerging markets using selected addresses for direct marketing! From translation and design over printing, addressing and shipping to the response management we can offer all services out of one hand to you. more...

i18n, or internationalisation, is the key for your products to enter foreign markets. i18n means: to prepare your product for the international market, both technically and culturally. more...

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