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Where can I get a ChinaBridge account for my ChinaBridgeMOBILE?

Here: http://www.daibola.biz/go/cbmocnregister
Important: You will need a valid e-Mailbox which can be opened on your smartphone.

I would like to apply a ChinaBridge user account but I do not want to use my (business / private) e-Mail address. What can I do?

Unfortunately we need an e-Mail address to send you a TAN file. Tip: Simply register a new e-Mail address from a free provider, for example, at GMail (http://www.gmail.com/).

During the registration of my e-Mail address at http://www.sedamo.info I am asked for my mailing address. At the time, I am in China and I cannot write my address in Chinese!

There are two options: (a) ask a Chinese colleague who enters the address for you; or (b) you enter your (non-Chinese) home address.

Under the “Addresses” tab, I am asked to enter the sedamo address code when I want to add create a new address. What is that? Where can I find that?

The sedamo address code is a 8-letter code that describes any postal address around the world. Please read more about it at the Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedamo
If you have the e-Mail address of your friend, and you want to add his/her address, then open http://www.eMail2address.com, enter the e-Mail address and the shown Turing number and press “Return”. The sedamo address code appears on top of the next page, if found. Enter these 8 letters into ChinaBridgeMOBILE—done!

Is my entry in ChinaBridge really for free?

Yes! The registration in the ChinaBridge database and the publication in the yearbook ChinaBridge is entirely free of charge for you (i.e., for the organization represented by you). Only the buyer of the yearbook “ChinaBridge” has to pay.

But I can see prices within the electronic form?

Costs on account of supplementary works are transparently passed on to you: If you do not want to translate your short profile by yourself, please activate the switch “Translation”. The short profile itself is for free (up to five lines of each 35 characters). You can carry out the translation later by yourself; in this case, please let the switch “Translation” deactivated. The printing preparation of your logo is carried out once, if you request. It is also only charged once. Please activate the switch “Publication of the company´s logo”. We will get in touch with you in order to receive the logo image file.

Where to buy the book “ChinaBridge”?

You can get your copy of ChinaBridgeBUSINESS at any book shop:
Editor: Lindenblatt, Gunnar
Title: ChinaBridgeBUSINESS
ISBN: 978-0-9563240-2-3
or via Internet bookshops, such as:www.amazon.co.uk

Will every entry be published in ChinaBridge?

No. Only firms and institutions which are useful to the readers and show a certain quality are considered.

Can I place a commercial advertisement in the yearbook “ChinaBridge”?

No. Your data will be published based on the decision of the editor, and if so, the publication is free of charge.

What is ChinaBridgeSTUDENT?

“ChinaBridgeSTUDENT” is a slimmer edition of ChinaBridge with a selection of topics intended for a for a young public. It is distributed freely as eBook (electronic book) via the Internet. The registration is for free, too! Additionally, commercial advertisements can be placed here. For the media data, please contact us.

Which companies and institutions will be taken into ChinaBridge?

All companies and institutions, which may help a Chinese in Europe (or an European in China, respectively). This can be:

Further, firms which provide a special, unique service are recorded.

How are my data protected?

You yourself decide on the publication of your data. Only the specifications in the first three sections “Company name”, “Company address” and “Contact person (for publication)” will be printed. Regarding the latter one, it is recommended not to specify the central switchboard, but the contact person within the Asian / China business department. Your data (in particular the e-Mail address for requests) will not be sold to other firms. The data in the section “Contact person (in case of questions)” cannot be read by others.

What does “sedamo” stands for?

sedamo” is a contraction of “service d'adresse mondial”, a French name meaning “world-wide address service”. sedamo™ is a trade mark of the Cross-Cultural Communication Club, Ltd., a charity based in London, UK, which is dedicated to “support the peaceful communication between different nations, different languages, and different cultures”.

What does “TAN” stands for?

“TAN” is the abbreviation of transaction number.

Why do I need transaction numbers?

Each time you access the sedamo address database, one TAN is used up. In other words: You have to give away one transaction number for each address you receive.

Once I have used up all transaction numbers, can I still use my software bought from you?

Of course! You simply have to order new transaction numbers and import them to your software. Our software will inform you in time when the level of TANs gets low.

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