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Direct marketing will open up new markets for you, e.g. in China


High growth rates and a high-spending middle and upper class—this you can find in the “BRIC” countries Brasilia, Russia, India and China. Gain new customers in these emerging markets using selected addresses for direct marketing!

Discover new markets

“BRIC”—short of, Brasilia, Russia, India, and China—is not an artificial word but a magical word!

While traditional western markets have cooled down, the domestic markets of these countries are still growing with a breath-taking speed. Don´t miss the chance to step into these markets! Thanks to Internet and modern software, you can explore and do business in these countries without the need to be physically there in the first step.

All services from one hand

First step: Consult us!

The step into a new market can be a great adventure and has fantastic possibilities. Let us assist you in carefully selecting the target group, how to approach them, how to establish first customer contact and how to keep new customers.

Learn how modern software technology enables you to communicate with your customers even without foreign language knowledge.

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