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ChinaBridgeMOBILE is an Apple iOS client app for the ChinaBridge database. Using ChinaBridgeMOBILE, without any knowledge of the Chinese language you can display any Chinese address in Chinese characters on your iPhone or iPod Touch .

Forget the hassle of Chinese business cards, printed faxes and bulky guide books. Simply get out your iPhone and choose the place where you want to go in a few easy steps:

(a) Pick your destination by touching the correct keywords:

(b) Get detailed information:

(c) Touch “Taxi View” to display the address in huge Chinese characters for the Chinese taxi driver:

With ChinaBridgeMOBILE, you do not need any knowledge of the Chinese language.

ChinaBridgeMOBILE is an Apple iOS client app for the ChinaBridge database. It works on iPhone and iPod Touch. No Internet connection is required whilst using the app!

ChinaBridgeMOBILE can display the addresses of

ChinaBridgeMOBILE works off-line, i.e. you do not need an Internet connection to display an address.

Updating of the data using ChinaBridgeSYNC In China, things change quickly. You can easily update the entries in ChinaBridge­MOBILE by tapping on the “Synchronise” button whenever you have an Internet connection: in your office, in your hotel, in the WiFi zone of a café. The most recent and up-to-date data will be automatically downloaded.


* needs a ChinaBridgeSYNC account
** needs a sedamo™ account
You can register both accounts for free via http://www.daibola.biz/go/cbmocnregister

Download now!

Available in Apple's App Store.

Video Demonstration

See this video via TuDouWang


You do not have an iPhone? Click here to drop us a line, and we will contact you as soon as ChinaBridge­MOBILE is available for other mobile phones.

Contact us to learn more (e.g. company volume licensing).

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